Products and Services


ESCO prides itself in providing individualized service and detailed knowledge of market specifics, including logistics, trade finance services and quality control. Our objective is to make each component of the international supply chain process customized, worry free and efficient. We provide the comprehensive expertise to truly connect your business and products to the global food marketplace


ESCO’s expertise and knowledge of local and international markets requirements allow us to cater to the individual needs of our clients. We deliver the highest quality food products, based on each order’s unique product specifications and requirements.

Beef and Meat

Topside / Silverside / Rump / Flat / Ribeye / Kidney / Heart / Sirloin / Tenderloin / Chuck / Forequarter / Flank Shin / Shank / Tongue / Flank


Whole chicken / Egg Products / Skinless Boneless Breast


Carcass / Chops / Leg Loin / Rack Shank / Shoulder Flank / Tenderloin

US Dairy Products

Cheese / Milk powder / Salted butter / Unsalted butter / Whey powder / Butter oil


Fresh Fruits: Citrus (orange, Lemon, Lime and Apples) / Banana / Strawberries / Dried Fruits / Raisins / Apricots / Dried Dates / Dried Cranberries (Craisins)


Tomatoes / Potatoes / Cucumber / Spinach/ Carrots

Organic Fruits and Vegetables


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